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Fat Loss in 12 Weeks

Fat Loss in 12 Weeks

  • I was frustrated with increasing weight,
  • Life was sluggish and I used to feel lazy and tired by end of the day,
  • My metabolism was not making me active.
  • I was always hungry for bad foods like wafers chips and soda.
  • Then I decided to take control of it.

It was difficult to find time to focus on this so I started the following good habits –

So I need to know how my body can become a Fat burner and give me the body I need.

My body is a continuous Chemical reaction, what I add to my body, the process converts it in to energy or stores fat.

So my body was definitely storing a lot of Fat.

It was frustrating because I was eating what I used to eat earlier and it was this simple


Wake up -

For this we need to understand how the Fat loss starts;

I bought these items in my food supplements to start my journey.

I decided I will do some changes to be healthy.

I will watch what I eat.

SO I am a morning person and I love to eat my breakfast of Eggs and Cheese,

Plus a Glass of packaged Orange Juice. Straight and good – WRONG,

I was eating a good breakfast and needed to cut the wrong from it.

I decided to eat about 300 to 400 calories Breakfast,

I now eat 1 Full Egg and 4 egg whites that is almost 5 eggs to start my day.

I use 20 Grams Butter for my eggs – that is good fat

And JUICE (NO Way) too much sugar – my body needs more protein and fat.

I cut the juice and decided to add Coffee – Black and I used unsweetened almond milk some times for the flavor.

Now the day has started well and just by avoiding juice – I cut a lot of sugar and I was not sluggish.

I drink a lot of water during the day.

Like a Lot of water, it keeps me hydrated.

I drove to office drinking my magic potion – Black coffee and my fav radio playing.

I was determined and positive to achieve this,

By now I had already drunk half a gallon of water and I was not feeling hungry.

I usually drink water about 2.5 gallons a day. This helps me keep my system clean.

My skin looks fresh and I shed fat too.

Now it was almost 2 hours at work and I mostly like to work on my desk, but I do move after every 1 hour to stretch my legs and try to do a 3 minute walk – 8 times 3 minute walk adds up to 24 Mins of walking. I am spending that energy for my health in my office.

More on it later how to expend energy to get the lean look.

I was focused on my work too and I felt a lot better today.

Around 1PM I was feeling hungry so I was determined to do myself a favor and decided to eat Good Food again.

I checked and I picked up a chicken sandwich and salad from a sub shop. I wanted to have a soda, so I picked a diet soda. Again no sugars but all flavors. My next target is to drink water or Lemonade with a sweetener instead of Sugar loaded soda or something like that.

Now I know if I eat good protein, good fat and less of carbs and no refined sugars, My body will thank me for it and I will love to get in to my best shape ever.

So, these sandwich shops have started selling calorie conscious food, and They made a sub for me in chicken and lettuce with no Bread – and Yes I added a cheese slice in it.

Another lower meal of 400 calories was inside me and I was not hungry anymore,

I moved back to my desk. Today is a lot of work day and I need to focus on things on hand.

By now I was down with 2 gallons of water and it was 4 PM.

My body was not sluggish, my energy levels are good and I still felt like munching something.

I will make a good choice. No Wafers No chips.

I picked up 10 Almonds and started eating each nut. And a cup of my favorite black coffee. No sugar and no creamer. I have started loving my cuppa now.

It does boost my metabolism, I think.

Its 5:30 PM and I have a 40 mins drive back home, that’s what my google tells me, So all set for the day, I am walking down stairs to my car.

I need to do something healthy for myself.

On way back. I stopped at the Garden near my home and decided to do some walk in greens.

I had already added about 25 mins of walking over the day and I want to do about 45 to 50 mins.

I saw lots of people doing a walk and kids playing. The energy gave me a lot to think that I should do this more often. This is fun.

I walked for about 15 minutes and thought let me do more of it tomorrow and I drove back home.

What a day and still feeling good inside.

I have some weights for exercise in garage, I took them out and did some basic exercises for arms, Legs – squats holding dumbbell and some shoulder exercises.

It took me only 10 mins and I was sweating.

I finished another half gallon of water and now I am at 2.5 gallons at end of day.

I am feeling hungry but feeling good.

I checked my ladder and found some cookies and some fruits. – again I will make healthy choice, I skipped my cookie after reading the label and picked my fruit and made a nice snack.

I took out some chicken and rice and ate.

It was a good day and now time to finish some mails and go back to sleep.

It is nice to sleep for good 8 hours for your body to get repaired while we sleep.

So after watching TV around 21:30 hours I slept off and asked Alexa to wake me at 5:30am.

So. My next day starts fresh and bright – time to get in to the gig.

I am ready to do more planning for my health and be my best ever. I spoke to a friend and she told me to get some supplements to make this journey more wow.

The Fat loss I want to do, will become better if I added these nutrition items.

So I was asked to check these – 


2013 study by North Carolina researchers found that, of the 234 participants surveyed, those who did aerobic exercise lost more weight than those who strength trained. But 2017 research from Wake Forest University concluded that weight training beats cardio, thanks to its ability to increase muscle mass.

Other findings from Harvard School of Public Health found that, even though weight training workouts are more successful than cardio sweat sessions, combining the two had the best effects for fat loss. The reality is, both have their benefits.

Source: Women Health – (https://www.womenshealthmag.com/uk/food/weight-loss/a707401/how-to-lose-body-fat/)

I bought the following health loss supplements

  1. Weight Loss PM – my body when sleeping still has functions happening,

So I take these two daily – It has L Argenine and L Gluatmine(its Amino Acids) and L Ornithine (Just what my body needs).

My body makes these but if I add this supplements in safe limit – my body becomes a machine which will help maintain muscles and burn fat.

This Weight Loss PM is a good supplement for my Gut and for my muscles and bad news for my stored fat.

Now whatever I am eating during the day I am also helping my body use the good from it and burn the fat.

L Ornithine in this supplement helps me in weight loss, increase my sleep quality and helps in repairing the tissue.

Now the added advantage, this also helps my Gut and also improves my immunity. My body during the day works hard by walking and exercising and these supplements helps me repair the wear n tear and improve my immunity. And I want this to get my best body ever.

Remember, A healthy diet always accompanies an exercise regimen. It is great to be healthy. More importantly, it is essential to provide the nutrients your body needs.

When the body has the correct nutritional balance, it can perform at optimal levels. Good fuel helps to repair the muscles. It can also reduce hunger. Getting the correct nutrients may cause the body to stop seeking food to fill the void.

And the Magic Supplement –


It has Chromium (Amino Acid Chelate)

Something our body cannot produce so we need it to burn Fat,

It is a trace element because we do not need much of it to perform that tasks it is designed to do. The lack of chromium can affect the ability to lose weight.

The correct amount of chromium in the body may prevent the vicious cycle of insulin resistant cells.

So if our body has access glucose, the Insulin tells the Glucose to Enter cells and Chromium pushes it inside cells.

If excess glucose is floating in body. The Insulin tells our body to store excess glucose in to FAT.

When excess glucose is  from the beginning. If chromium were available, then the insulin would open the door and chromium would assist in escorting it inside. There the glucose would fuel the cells the way it was designed.

Now why we need supplements and how do we know our body needs supplements.

There are some tell signs

Some of the symptoms of deficiency can be:

  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • problems with blood sugar metabolism
  • altered cholesterol metabolism
  • delayed ability to heal
  • atherosclerosis
  • growth abnormalities in young children

If already taking medication for any of the above illnesses or disorders, it is imperative to speak with a physician prior to supplementation. The quantity of food sources is minimal. The supplements are at much higher dosage with delivery systems for better absorption. Higher dosage increases the chance of interactions with medications and other supplements.

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